5 Ways to Make the Best of Visitation

It’s not easy for parents and children to adjust to new arrangements after you have finalized your custody agreement. The pressure to make sure your child is comfortable wherever they go can be pretty intense, but that can be reduced with a little guidance.

Our attorneys at Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law have a number of ways you can help your kids cope with having a new visitation schedule.

Reassure Your Child

Reassure your child that the visitation schedule is a set routine that won’t be changed often. Letting them know that they won’t experience constant change can put their mind at ease and can give them a sense of normalcy and security.

Stay Connected

Before your child goes on their visit, have a plan in place to stay connected to them while they’re away. Assure them that you are always available to talk to them, whether it’s on the phone or over a video call.

Also give them the opportunity to contact their other parent frequently, so that when it’s time to go on the next visit, they can easily communicate with them.

Schedule a Mutual Event

Try to schedule a visit at a time and place where both parents can attend (if you have a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex). It could be a birthday party, an event at your child’s school, or a mutual event where you and your ex will be in attendance.

Going to an event where your child can see both parents can help them feel more comfortable around you when they’re on their next visit individually.

Openly Communicate with Your Ex

Communicate with your ex about your child’s daily activities and their life in general. As parents, you and your ex should be the only ones relaying messages to each other. This can help you avoid future conflict and emotional instability for your child if something was communicated by them and led to a disagreement.

Consider Modifying Your Current Agreement

If you’re not confident that your current custody agreement makes visitations easier for your family, you can modify your agreement. Rely on an experienced family law attorney to help you make a visitation agreement that works for both parties.

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