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Although it may seem like it, a family court’s order isn’t necessarily set in stone. When circumstances change, so too can these court orders. This is true for a variety of orders that govern payments from one party to another, as well as those that concern how much time or authority a parent has in a child’s life. If you need assistance modifying a family court order, though, you should seek professional legal assistance.

At Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law, we can provide the legal support clients need when they wish to modify the terms of any existing family court orders. Over time, new circumstances can arise that affect how these court orders apply to your life. What may have been appropriate or necessary to enshrine with a judicial order may no longer be suitable or relevant – seeking help from a family court order modification attorney in Temple can help you alter these agreements.

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Modifying Child Custody in Texas

In the years following a divorce, a lot can change about people’s lives for better or worse. They may move to a new area, get remarried, experience financial hardship, or get convicted of a crime. Events such as these are significant enough to have bearing on the future of a child custody agreement.

If either parent wishes to modify a standing child custody order, they are responsible for filing a request with the court. Typically, the motivation to modify a child custody request is to gain more custody over a child, be it full or partial custody.

Under Texas law, child custody arrangements can only be modified on the following grounds:

  • There is a substantial or material change to a child or parent’s circumstances
  • A parent with primary custody voluntarily wishes to relinquish it
  • A child at least 12 years old expresses their preference to the court

In most cases, changes that are temporary or insignificant within the broader context of the custody arrangement are unlikely to persuade a judge to modify an agreement. If you are seeking a child custody modification, however, a competent family court order modification attorney in Temple can evaluate your claim and help you craft a personalized legal strategy that optimizes your potential outcomes.

Modifying Child & Spousal Support in Texas

Whether you are paying or receiving child and/or spousal support in Texas, there are good reasons you may wish to modify them in the future.

If you experience a job loss and are paying child support, a modification – even a temporary one – can help you avoid missing child support payments or accruing unnecessary debt. Unpaid child support accrues a 6% interest rate in Texas, which means you can owe significantly more than you originally had to if you don’t take action soon enough.

Likewise, if believe your child’s other parent or your ex-spouse isn’t paying a fair amount of support, you can also petition the court to modify these agreements.

Get Experienced Legal Counsel on Your Side

Keep in mind, however, that seeking a modification of any kind of support puts the entire order back under scrutiny: You actually run the risk of receiving a modification that contradicts your desired outcome.

In other words, if you are seeking a modification to reduce your current support payments, the court may actually find it more appropriate to increase this amount.

To avoid unintended consequences such as this, reach out to a family court order modification attorney in Temple for assistance. We at Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law offer new clients a free initial consultation to learn more about how we may be able to help them.

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