You have been worrying over your marital issues for the longest time. You may have also probably already spoken with a relationship therapist or trusted friends and family. However, the time has come to seek help from an attorney for divorce.

You have already weighed all your options. You’ve tried to gain perspective. The most logical and right decision is to separate from your spouse. The first thing you have to do is hire an attorney for divorce.

We understand that you feel nervous and overwhelmed. It’s normal to deal with those emotions – and more. In today’s post, we’ll talk share some advice and tips on what to expect at your initial consultation with an attorney for divorce.

We hope the information you find here will ease your mind a little. When you’re ready to reach out to us, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

You are the client. You must feel comfortable working with your divorce attorney.

Divorce is already a rough, challenging, and taxing experience. It also varies by state.

Even if you and your partner have agreed to split amicably, there are certain sensitive matters (child custody, spousal support, the dividing of assets, etc.) that may incite harsh or unfavorable discussions.

This may result in high emotions between the former spouses, impacting the handling of the case. Thus, you must have a legal professional in your corner that you feel comfortable to work with.

Moreover, most people undergoing a divorce are not usually at their best and most rational state of mind. Due to this, an attorney for divorce must always keep this in mind during an initial consultation. Attorneys must ensure their clients – whether prospective or current – always feel comfortable and know that they can rely on them.

Compassion Is Key

While an attorney for divorce is certainly not a family or relationship therapist, it’s important to offer compassion and be sensitive about their clients’ situation. An attorney must know how to provide clear and easy-to-understand definitions of certain legal aspects surrounding the case.

The use of excessive legal terminologies must be avoided as it may not offer any help to the client. Another small yet vital thing to remember is to provide helpful and informative brochures or handouts. As a client, you may never forget everything that you talked about during the consultation. These reading materials will prove to be useful later when you’re more ready.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys Are Competent

Experience and competency are two important qualifications you should look for in an attorney for divorce. When searching for local divorce attorneys, make sure you read their customer testimonials.

You can also go to the state bar association’s site. Check if there are any cases of unprofessionalism or misconduct.

Also, make sure that their legal experience matches with your needs. Are you a military spouse seeking divorce? Is there domestic violence involved? Make sure that the attorney you hire has experience in the specific areas of divorce you need.

As you know, you should employ the services of a lawyer that you know you’ll have an excellent professional relationship with.

Divorce cases are usually lengthy and complicated – you may be spending a lot of time working on your case.

On top of this, you’re on the brink of making major life-altering decisions during the divorce process. Your attorney should be capable of explaining what your rights are and protecting them.

What to Expect at Your First Meeting with an Attorney for Divorce?

It will be helpful if you have answers ready to the general questions you will be asked about your divorce. Depending on your specific situation, the attorney will then present various options that are available to you. He or she will also let you know what the steps for these processes are.

In turn, expect to answer more questions from an attorney. If they’re asking you a lot of questions about your separation, that’s a good sign. That means they are trying to get a good and thorough understanding of your situation to provide you with the best solutions.