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Family Court Order Enforcement Attorney in Temple

Enforcing Custody & Support Orders

Sometimes all is not well after the dust settles from a divorce. All too often, court orders relevant to family law matters are disregarded by a party that refuses to comply. This is a serious matter and requires a skilled attorney to hold a non-compliant party accountable for violating a court order.

We at Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help clients like you exercise your legal options to enforce a family court order.

We can assist clients with enforcement court orders concerning the following and more:

Enforcement can include compelling an ex-spouse or a child’s other parent to provide court-order payments or abide by a court-approved schedule or conditions for custody or visitation. If someone in your life is failing to abide by these agreements, reach out to our family court order enforcement attorney in Temple for legal assistance!

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We Can Help If They Aren’t Paying Child or Spousal Support!

If the court awarded child or spousal support payments to you, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the money you need.

You have the right to pursue any unpaid child or spousal support payments owed to you, even if the orders themselves are no longer in effect. In other words, if someone failed to pay you financial support when they should have, they are always responsible for repaying that debt.

If someone is refusing to pay you court-ordered financial support, NEVER do the following:

  • Ignore the issue
  • Allow the other party to intimidate you
  • Accept that you’ll never get your money
  • Let the other party keep promising you payment without ever delivering
  • Withhold an ex-spouse or other parent’s child custody or visitation privileges

Instead, you should contact a family court order enforcement attorney in Temple for help. Our lawyer at Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help you collect the evidence of the misbehavior and file the paperwork necessary in court to enforce the order. Our attorney can also represent your case interests during a hearing.

Do You Need Help Enforcing a Child Custody Order?

Just as you should never fail to abide by the terms of a child custody or visitation order, neither should the other party. If you are being wrongfully withheld from spending time with your child, knowing important information about their life, or making important decisions for your child, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

The longer you wait to enforce a child custody or visitation order, the more skeptical a judge may be about your motivations for waiting so long. This skepticism can affect how family court orders are enforced and may even impact the outcome of any requests to modify them.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to seek legal counsel from a family court order enforcement attorney in Temple as soon as possible when you are denied time, crucial information, or the opportunities to make important decisions for your child.

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