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Having an experienced child custody lawyer on your side is the first step to setting up a winning strategy for your case. At Bobby Barina, Attorney at Law in Temple, we will help you understand your options, so you can move forward and achieve your goals. Bobby knows how difficult this experience is for parents, which is why he is committed to developing personalized strategies to address your specific needs and the best interests of your children.

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Terms to Know Regarding Child Custody

Child custody is a complex area of law and you will hear a vast array of terms throughout the course of your case.

Here are some of the most common child custody terms you should know:

  • The “possessory conservator” is the parent who maintains physical custody of the child. It also refers to the primary residence of the child.
  • “Joint possessory conservatorship” occurs when both parents share equal conservatorship and have the power to decide on legal matters for the child.
  • “Joint managing conservatorship” occurs when both parents have an equal say in legal decisions for the child. However, the child resides with one parent.

Child Custody Mediation

Similar to divorce mediation, child custody mediation may be an option for parents seeking to achieve a mutually favorable solution. It might also include resources for your children, such as counseling, which will help them cope with the changes spurred by the divorce.

Family law courts in Texas often require divorcing couples who have minor children to partake in a parenting class before their divorce is final. Such courses help parents develop coping skills and lessen the trauma children often feel after enduring such a harrowing, life-altering event.

Post-Divorce Modification for Child Custody

The world changes daily and so do our personal circumstances. Children grow and might express the desire to stay with one parent or the demands of their academic life might make it more suitable for them to be with one parent more than the other.

If your current custody agreement needs to be updated due to a substantial change in circumstances or concern for your child, you can request a child custody modification. Attorney Bobby Barina is happy to review your agreement and show you options to better fit the changing needs of your family.

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