When thinking of divorce, a traditional courtroom is what comes to mind. However, there are other alternatives to conventional divorce techniques. Mediation and collaborative divorce are common options, which allow individuals more control of their separation outcomes, negotiating on terms such as custody and support payments.

However, not every couple can negotiate and reach compromises. Sometimes, litigation and taking a divorce to court is necessary. Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help explain when you should choose litigation, as well as the definition.

What Is Litigation?

When it is hard to reach an agreement, many couples will opt for litigation over negotiation-based approaches. Essentially, litigation means that the couple will have attorneys representing their needs and submitting their issues to family courts for resolution. There are a few common reasons that people go with litigation over compromise-centered options.

Lack of Cooperation

Sometimes individuals just do not want to cooperate, especially if there are many issues in the marriage. When there are many severe disagreements to navigate, collaboration or mediation may not be feasible. Each individual will likely have strong feelings about their issues in the divorce, making cooperation even more difficult.

Unreasonable Requests

It is possible that one party may have requests or wishes that are completely out of bounds, making it difficult to reach reasonable compromises. For example, one side may want overly specific custody orders. If the other party is unwavering in their requests, litigation may be the only option.

Dangerous Situations

Not every marriage is safe. When domestic violence or abuse is a factor in the relationship, litigation is a safer option. One spouse should not be forced to negotiate terms with their abuser or have to put themselves in unsafe situations.

Know That Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law Can Help

Regardless of the divorce approach you choose, Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help you navigate the process. Our team is ready to fight for what you deserve, even if your spouse is uncooperative and unreasonable.

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