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Options For Holiday Parenting Schedules

We understand that co-parenting during the holiday season is no easy feat. However, during the divorce process, there is the creation of a schedule within parenting plans. While these schedules help determine when and where children will be during holidays, they can prove to not work in either family’s favor. Sometimes children grow out of specific custody arrangements or schedules.

Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law understands that you want what schedule is best for your children. We are here to provide you with arrangement options that can work for the whole family.


One popular custody arrangement for the holiday season is to alternate holidays each year. This means that the kids can spend Thanksgiving with one parent one year and the other parent the next. This arrangement means that each parent gets to have their kids on a specific holiday. However, some parents wish to spend every holiday with their children each year, meaning that this arrangement may not work.


Another option is to split the holiday in half so that each parent gets part of the day. This arrangement is a great option for those parents that want time with their child on the exact holiday each year. However, this option means that your children will have to travel on the holidays. Keep in mind how far away your ex-spouse lives and the amount of time it will take for your kids to get there. If it is too long of a trip, splitting holidays is likely not a suitable option.


If co-parents have specific holidays that are more important to them than others, fixed schedules are a great way to organize schedules. For example, if mom celebrates Christmas and dad does not, mom can have the kids on Christmas day. There also may be specific family events or days around the holidays that are fixed for each parent yearly.

Schedule Creatively

Another solution to the problem of holiday co-parenting schedules is to schedule holidays more than once. For example, you can alternate which years the children spend with parents on the actual holiday. Still, you can also include additional days where you celebrate the same holiday for the other parent. This way, parents do not have to split their day or spend time traveling. Instead, they can channel their focus into their children and making the holiday season memorable.

Custody Modification Assistance Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law

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