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How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

3 Communication Tips for Divorcing Couples

Making the decision to get a divorce is not easy, especially if you know that your spouse may not share the same feelings about ending your marriage. What do you do when you have a spouse who doesn’t want a divorce, but you do?

If you want to bring up the topic of divorce, healthy communication is key. There are different ways to communicate with your spouse and ways to approach the situation. Keep in mind that your approach is everything, and here are some tips to help you communicate and prepare for the conversation.

1. Timing Is Everything

Before you bring up such a sensitive topic, try to wait until the time is right to talk about the actions you will be taking towards divorce. Your spouse may be in denial about the divorce, so it’s best that you let your spouse know that you need to have a serious conversation with them. If your spouse is firm about not having the conversation with you, you should turn to a divorce attorney and mediator for help on how to approach the matter.

2. Plan Talking Points

While this tip may sound like a lot, it’s one hundred percent necessary for effective communication and getting your point across. Planning your talking points gives you the opportunity to explain your reason for wanting a divorce, share your feelings, be clear about your message, and more.

You can start with a summary of the reason you’re having this conversation and end with hearing your spouse’s thoughts on the situation.

3. Rely on An Attorney

The best thing you can do during a divorce is to hire a divorce attorney. An attorney would be the perfect person to rely on for all things divorce. Our attorney, Bobby Dale Barina, at Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can file your paperwork, help you gather information, negotiate things like child custody, spousal support, and more!

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