Three Ways You Can Help Your Friend or Loved One Who Is Going Through a Divorce

Your heart always goes out to friends and loved ones when they face difficulties and struggles. It can be especially hard to watch someone you care about go through a divorce. Whether or not you’ve been through marital problems yourself, it can be challenging to know the best way to help them. In today’s blog, we’re offering our tips for how you can help your friend or loved one cope with this heartbreaking and frustrating phase of their life.

  1. Don’t wait for them to reach out.

So many of us turn inward when times get tough. It’s extremely common to feel like reaching out to people who care about us would only burden them. That’s why you shouldn’t feel like you have to wait for your friend to ask for help before you provide it. Don’t be afraid to invite them over for pizza and a movie, or to send them a text that says, “Hey, just checking in. How are you holding up?” when you haven’t heard from them in a few days. These unsolicited check ins can provide great comfort and relief if your loved one is feeling isolated.

  1. Allow your friend to take the lead on conversations related directly to the divorce. 

If your friend needs to vent about the divorce process, absolutely let them! But try to let them take the lead as far as when and how these conversations take place. Sometimes when you spend time with your friend, they’ll just be looking for a distraction to take their mind off what’s going on at home or in the courtroom. They will open up when they need to. Your role is to provide comfort and relief from their stress, and to help them envision a bright future beyond the frustrations of today.

  1. Tactfully encourage them to work with professionals who can help better than you can. 

Divorce becomes much easier when you have not only a support system of friends and family members, but also a team of professionals standing behind you to help. Two of the most important players your loved one can connect with are a good therapist and a good attorney.

Recommending therapy to your friend can be touchy, so make sure you handle it the right way. If you have a therapist you love or know of someone who raves about how much their therapist helped them through a difficult time, make the connection.

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