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Bode Miller and Child Custody

While most Olympians are making headlines for their athleticism, Olympic skier Bode Miller has been making headlines due to the unique custody battle regarding his young son. Few athletes have faced as much personal turmoil as Miller and this current case could serve as a precedent for future custody battles between unmarried parents. Read on to learn about this interesting situation of Bode Miller's and the impact of this case on custody decisions all across the nation.

Texas Divorce and Child Custody Temporary Hearing

The laws that govern divorce and marital relations are, for the most part, state laws. State laws authorize marriage and with rare exceptions control all aspects of divorce proceedings. As such, divorce and custody laws vary from state to state. However, across the United States a common theme has emerged from the consensus of laws and court decisions that interpret them. The dominant principle is that the welfare of dependent children is the most significant factor when deciding issues in dissolution of a marriage. Texas Courts have broad powers to protect dependent children, and they include awards of child custody and support payments from the non-custodial spouse.

How to Prepare for the Contested Divorce

A divorce is always difficult; however, a contested divorce can be especially challenging. Although it is always best to try to work out an agreement that can be settled out of court, this is not always possible for everyone. Generally, a contested divorce involves disagreements over complex issues such as finances or child custody. Due to these complexities, it is always best to hire an attorney that is experienced in handling contested divorces. If you are currently in the midst of a contested divorce, then here are the best ways to prepare to work with your divorce lawyer so that you can have the best possible outcome.

How Not To Choose an Attorney

Your attorney needs to be your advocate in the courtroom. You need someone who is going to do his or her job in a competent and zealous manner. When choosing someone to represent you in court, you do not want to pick someone because they offer their services at a low cost.

The Dangers of Social Media

Did you know that your social media posts, comments, and even your mobile uploads can come back to haunt you in court if you are going through a divorce? Divorce is difficult, and it is only natural to want to share your emotions and your feelings with your closest friends and family members, but there is such a thing as sharing too much information publicly online. During this emotional time of your life, it is best to refrain from using social media profiles that your ex can easily access and use as evidence against you in front of a family court judge. Here are some of the ways activity on Social Media during a divorce can be damaging to you when your case is not yet settled.

Bell County's Need For a Veterans' Court

With the numbers of young men and women returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan who are dealing with a variety of psychological and substance abuse problems, many communities around the country are instituting special courts that can deal with the unique problems that these veterans face when returning to civilian life. The effects of special accommodations for these veterans' problems are having a beneficial effect not only on the soldiers themselves but also on the communities in which they live.

Texas Veteran's Court

In 2009, a bill was passed to create specialty veterans' courts in the state of Texas in an effort to provide veterans with criminal defense and treatment. As a specialty court, a Veterans' court does more than just hear complaints and issue judgments. Rather than taking this approach, a veterans' court program is about problem-solving and takes a team-based approach to the judicial system so that those who have served the country can receive treatment for any issues that contribute to their criminal behavior. While the only issue many Texas counties face when implementing this specialty program is funding, the benefits have proven to outweigh the costs.

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