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Custody Jury Trials

When a marriage crumbles to the point that divorce is inevitable, it can seem as if your entire world is falling apart. You have a heavy list of obligations to think about, including the division of your assets, custody of your children, and visitation rights. When children are involved in a marriage, they will be your most pressing concern. You want what's best for them, which includes a home base where they will feel secure, adequate support, and establishing primary guardianship. For the best possible outcome, you may find that custody and jury trials go hand in hand.

Criminal Discovery in Texas AKA the Michael Morton Act

Senate Bill 1611, also known as the "Michael Morton Act," officially went into effect in the state of Texas on January 1, 2014. The criminal discovery legislation requires prosecuting attorneys to disclose to the defense team with any evidence that they acquire in an effort to help overturn wrongful convictions. The prosecutor must also maintain records of the information provided. Disclosed records might include law enforcement reports, statements provided by witnesses and any other evidence that the prosecution possesses. The legislation makes information sharing transparent and comprehensive.

Pretrial Motions in Texas

Before a criminal case goes to trial, the prosecutors, the defense team and the defendant meet with the criminal court judge in a pretrial hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to establish what evidence and testimony will be presented or excluded in the criminal trial. Cases may be won or lost in pretrial hearings.

What Evidence do they have?

What evidence do they have? This is the most important question in a criminal case. The client wants to know who are the witnesses against him or her and what did they say. The client also wants to know what the government found at the alleged crime scene.

The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorces

In a typical marriage, the lives of the two individuals are intertwined in almost every way. From having physical and emotional ties to sharing assets, custody of children and more, a marriage can truly blend the lives of the individuals in detailed fashion. When a couple makes the decision to get divorced, each of these facets of their lives together must be separated in some way. By learning more about the differences between contested and uncontested divorces, you may be able to make a decision about your divorce that is in the best interest of all parties affected by the case.


Every time election season rolls around, many people get irritated. They get sick of seeing campaign commercials every time they turn on the TV, and they wonder why they have to put up with all the noise. The answer is that voting is very important. The history of voting and the importance of voting rights are taken for granted by many people these days, but you do not have to look far back in history to see why voting is so important to our society. Here is a look at the history of voting and the importance of voting rights.

Discovery in a Family Law Case

In almost every family law case, emotions are going to run high on both sides and even a minor mistake can have life-altering consequences. For many, this mistake will come at the very beginning of this process in a step known as discovery. For those that are unsure about discovery in family law and how it will affect their own case, here is a closer look at the exchange of information that is required of both parties.

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child? Is it Legal to Spank My Child?

The indictment and subsequent arrest of the Minnesota Vikings' star running back, Adrian Peterson is reigniting the discussion on spanking as a form of discipline for children. Peterson is accused of using a switch on his young son and of his reckless behavior, causing injury to the child. In statements released by his attorney about the incident, Adrian Peterson stated that he was using the same discipline on his child that he experienced as child himself. I may be showing my age here, but I can remember the days of "picking your own switch" to receive a couple of swats on the behind from my grandparents. The insult wasn't in the spanking, as much as in picking the switch that would be used! This begs the question, "How did our parents and grandparents get away with those spankings all those years ago? Did it just become illegal?"

Grandparent's Day

Grandparent's Day is this Sunday. Many people were unaware that such a day of celebration even exists, as it is overshadowed by the back to school season, Labor Day and the beginning of fall. With the increasing role that many grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren, recognizing and celebrating this day is more important than ever before. Since Grandparent's Day is this Sunday, now is the time to get ready and make it a day that grandma and grandpa will never forget.