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When Co-Parents Violate Custody Agreements

Co-parents can make mistakes. For example, it is possible for some to miss a support payment. In addition to missing support payments, custody agreements can also be violated. If a co-parent fails to adhere to a set visitation schedule, other problems can arise for the children involved. There are certain steps you should take when a custody agreement is violated and Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help explain.

Talk Things Through With Your Ex

It may be possible for you to reach a resolution with your ex without additional intervention. Reach out to them and inquire as to why they are having problems with the custody arrangement. There may be an easy fix or solution, or they may have honestly made a mistake or miscommunicated. However, it is also a possibility that your ex has simply chosen to ignore the terms of the agreement.

Keep a Record Of Violations

If a conversation does not result in positive change, then you may need to take additional action. First, it is important to record any instance of violations from your ex-spouse. Keep detailed notes of any violation, including the specific date and time that it occurred. You can also include additional evidence, such as your ex’s social media accounts, which may help prove they have been ignoring the established agreement.

Seek Legal Intervention

After obtaining the necessary information and documentation, you should seek guidance from an experienced custody attorney, such as Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law. If necessary, we can help file to enforce your agreement or for contempt. However, it is also possible that an attorney could assist you and your ex-spouse in mediating the terms of a new agreement or reiterating the original agreement. An attorney would be able to help determine the best course of action for your situation.

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