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Divorce Mediation: The Benefits

Making the decision to proceed with a divorce is life-changing. For many, it is a stressful process, sometimes requiring them to go to court. Having to discuss these vulnerable aspects of your life, such as child custody and property division only brings more stress. While it may seem overwhelming, there are options that provide individuals with more control and less stress in their divorce. This is known as divorce mediation, which involves a third-party mediator and the assistance of your attorney to prepare.

Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help explain the benefits of mediation, showing how it can help ease your divorce process.


In traditional divorce litigation, you may find that you do not have the opportunity to negotiate specific aspects of your separation. However, the main premise behind the mediation process is to negotiate aspects of your divorce. From child support to alimony, you will be able to provide your stance on these components. For example, if you have any specific items or pieces of property that you feel as though should belong to you after the divorce, you can present that to the mediator. From there, you can negotiate to reach a fair agreement.

Less Time & Money

Litigation requires multiple court appearances as well as exorbitant amounts of money. This alone adds stress to your divorce process, as you have to worry about how you will manage these finances alone. However, mediation can help save time and money for everyone involved. Thanks to a mediator and your attorney, you can avoid multiple court appearances, meaning no extensive court fees.

Preventing Stress

Along with saving time and money, mediation can also help prevent stress. It offers a less overwhelming approach to divorce, as you can enter your mediation sessions with an open mind. Your attorney can help you prepare for these sessions, acting as your guide through the process. The mediator will work with you in communicating with your ex-spouse, helping you reach the compromise that works best for everyone.

More Privacy & Control

When going through litigation, you will have to discuss the terms of your divorce in a public setting. Furthermore, many of the decisions will be left to the courts, leaving you with little control. In mediation, you will be able to negotiate as much as possible, giving you the control you need to make decisions that will impact your life. You will also have these negotiations in a private setting, avoiding public records and courtroom discussions.

Gaining Co-Parenting Skills

The mediation process will also positively impact your children. Not only will they not have to withstand the stressful litigation process, but you will gain the skills needed for co-parenting. For example, when working with your ex-spouse to co-parent, negotiation and compromise will be necessary skills. By reaching agreements in mediation, you may find it easier to do so as a parent. This will set your children up for a much more positive experience overall, showing them that their parents are on the same page.

The Closure You Need

When going through a divorce, it is important to get the closure that you need. One chapter of your life is ending for another to begin. While it may be overwhelming, you can do so positively. Mediation allows you to positively gain the closure that you need, finalizing your marriage without negative tensions that non-collaborative divorces can allow.

Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law Can Help

If you are going through a divorce and don’t know what approach is best for you, Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law can help. We can assist you in preparing for the mediation process, giving you the skills you need in negotiation.


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