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Preparing For The Next School Year

The end of the school year is quickly approaching. Before you know it, summer break will start, and you will be gearing up for the next school year. While you may want to avoid thinking about this and focus on the time you have to enjoy with your family, it is important to prepare for the school year in advance as a divorced parent. Why? Well, modifications to schedules and potential relocations require work.

Updating Parenting Plans

When going into a new school year, set aside time to have a conversation with your fellow co-parent about what schedules will look like. This could be as simple as talking about what will be happening in the next year. Maybe your child will be attending a different school or is interested in new activities. This could mean that you need to make slight alterations to your parenting plans and schedules. Having this conversation in advance will give you and your ex-spouse adequate time to prepare.

Relocations Need Notice

If you plan on moving before the new school year begins, you may need to acquire court orders. This is dependent on where you intend to move. For example, if you are moving just one county over, you can maintain your custody without revision to any orders. However, if you intend on moving several counties away or out of state, you will need to get approval through the courts. This is because such a big move could interfere with the child's well-being.

Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law Can Help

When you and your ex-spouse have had a discussion about the upcoming school year, you may realize that it is time to update your custody and parenting plans. Perhaps one of you is deciding to relocate to another area or state entirely. Either way, having an experienced attorney in your corner can help you throughout the process.

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