Four Unexpected Feelings You Might Encounter During Your Divorce

Divorce is an emotional process — in good ways and in bad. Whether it’s a highly contested battle or you’ve calmly agreed to go your separate ways, you can expect to have a lot of feelings while you’re getting divorced. At Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law, we are committed to standing by you every step of the way as you transition into a happier and healthier future. In today’s blog post, we’re discussing some of the unexpected emotions you might encounter during your divorce.

  1. Impatience.

You thought your marriage would last forever, and hoped that it would, but once you’ve decided to end it, you may be eager to get it over with quickly. Sometimes it can feel like the legalities of a divorce aren’t up to speed with you. We completely understand that sometimes you just want it over and done with quickly and we will do everything we can to expedite the process while still protecting your rights!

  1. Fatigue.

Many people report that when they are going through big, emotional life transitions, they feel physically tired seemingly for no reason. Your body may feel as tired as if you’d just hiked a mile when in reality you’ve been sitting all day. This is totally normal. Emotional exertion can be just as tiring as physical exertion.

  1. Renewal.

Sometimes a bad marriage can cause people to fall into depression without even realizing it. When they begin the process of ending the marriage, this depression often begins to lift, leaving them feeling refreshed and renewed. If you’ve lost your motivation to do your favorite hobbies in recent years, you may feel a renewed interest in them. If you’ve sunk into a state of glumness, you may begin to feel glimmers of joy and happiness that were previously suppressed. It’s a beautiful thing!

  1. Excitement.

Once you push through the sadness and begin to truly accept that your relationship has ended, you may feel an unexpected twinge of excitement about what comes next. As they say, when one door closes another opens. There are so many adventures you can go on in your newfound independence! You are no longer tied down by an unhappy marriage and the possibilities are endless!

Through the good parts of a divorce and the bad, Bobby Dale Barina, Attorney At Law is here for you. If you are ending your marriage, you need an experienced attorney by your side to protect your best interests. We can help. Contact us today  to learn more about our services.