DWI? What Now?

A DWI is a serious charge in Texas, and it can have significant ramifications across many facets of your life. For example, if you are convicted of the charges against you, you may lose your job and have trouble getting a new job. This could result in the loss of your home and a dramatic change in your lifestyle and future possibilities. You may also lose your driver’s license, which could affect your independence, job options and more. A conviction may result in jail time and an expensive fine. Hiring a DWI lawyer who is a board-certified criminal law specialist is an important step to take after an arrest. Your criminal lawyer will actively work to obtain a not guilty verdict and to maintain your rights until your criminal case is tried in court.

At the Administrative License Revocation Hearing

Your driver’s license could be suspended while you await the criminal court proceedings. In order to potentially retain your driver’s license during this time, you must request an Administrative License Revocation hearing or an ALR. The ALR hearing is a civil proceeding. It must be requested within 15 days of your arrest, or you forfeit your right to this hearing. Your criminal lawyer should preferably be a board-certified criminal law specialist with experience with DWI cases. If you and your DWI lawyer achieve a positive outcome from the Administrative License Revocation hearing, you may continue to work and earn a living while you wait for your day in court. Otherwise, the negative impact of your arrest could be experienced well before a possible conviction.

In the Criminal Proceedings

Some people assume that they will receive a guilty verdict for their DWI case because they know that they committed the crime. Because of this, they may also not take advantage of an ALR hearing before the criminal court case. However, a skilled criminal lawyer can employ numerous strategies to build a successful defense. Even if you do receive a guilty verdict, your DWI lawyer may fight for a reduced sentence.

You can see that a board-certified criminal law specialist will play a critical role in your proceedings, and this begins well before the court date arrives. Because you have a limited window of time to request an Administrative License Revocation hearing, now is the time to hire a DWI lawyer who will provide the professional representation that the situation demands.