Divorce Advice for Women Over 50: What You Need to Know

You may be thinking that the best divorce advice and information are the same for everyone – regardless of whether you’re a man or woman. However, divorce advice for women over 50 may be somewhat different from men.

Women in their 50’s are already going through a lot of transitions in life: retirement, health, children leaving the house, and other things. If you add divorce to the mix, it may be too overwhelming and confusing for women.

While the general advice is the same: collect the right documents, get professional legal advice, etc., there is some advice that is more apt for women or information that they need to remember more – especially for women over 50.

If you’re a woman seriously thinking about divorce, we have gathered some helpful tips and advice for you. No one should go through this daunting and complicated process alone. If you need professional divorce advice for women, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

This divorce advice for women also applies to men. If you want to come out of this process as a whole and not completely broken and exhausted, don’t forget to take care and treat yourself. Don’t ignore the things you must do to keep your physical and mental health sustained.

Eat healthy food, exercise, get as much rest, and sleep as you can. Don’t rely on junk food, alcohol, medications, and other substance to find short-term relief. However, don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while.

Have a glass of wine to unwind after a long day. Try that new restaurant downtown you’ve wanted to go to. Get a delicious dessert. It can be cathartic to let yourself indulge – just don’t do it too often.

Talk to a Therapist

Divorce is one massive roller-coaster ride of emotions.

Even though you think your separation is amicable and on good terms, there are going to be issues that come up that will test your patience and mental toll.

Talking through the divorce process with someone with a steady and dependable individual is invaluable. A good therapist – along with your divorce lawyer – can give you the right divorce advice for women and can keep your emotions in check.

Learn How the Process Works

When it comes to divorce, knowledge is power. Don’t let the complexity of the process and the emotional factors overwhelm you. The more you learn about this process, the less disempowering, paralyzing and terrifying it becomes.

Educate yourself and about it, and don’t be afraid to ask for divorce advice for women. This is your right and your future. You have the responsibility to own and stand by your divorce decisions.

Having divorce professionals – from your lawyer to your therapist to friends who went through the same process to other resources for women – be on your side is priceless.

Gather and Make Copies of All Your Financial Documents

While this divorce advice is constructive for everyone, wives have less access or less knowledgeable about the family’s complete financial information. When you’re considering divorce, make copies of all the financial documents you can find.

If you don’t understand what’s in the documents, collect and make copies of them anyway. It’s always better to have too much knowledge and information than too little or none at all.

In the same vein, figure out your finances as soon as you can. Make a budget, try to stick to it, and make a balance sheet. You must also know how your taxes will impact your divorce settlement. If this sounds intimidating and confusing, you can employ the services of a divorce financial planner.

Healing and Rediscovering Yourself

For women over 50, separating from their long-term partner is a scary thing. However, look at it as an opportunity to rediscover yourself. While as humans we want to be loved, cared for, and get companionship, don’t jump into any new relationships you know you are not ready for.

Lean on your family, friends, and a reliable therapist. Heal yourself first, reclaim your independence, and find your true happiness. You deserve it.

Divorce is a long journey, especially if you have to go through it later in life. For women over 50, it may be trickier to deal with. Good divorce advice for women can help you enjoy the best years of your life.

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